06 December 2012

Purple day

I thought I'd have an entry that wasn't a pattern being moved over for a change, so here goes...... I've spent the other day dying up some yarn.  I need to add quite a bit of stock to my store over at wonderwool so with a nice warm day on Tuesday, I thought that I'd better make a start.
I've got quite a few new dyes to use, but I wanted to use up some of my almost finished ones first.  I've got quite a bit of hot pink, navy blue and red left, and I wondered if I could manage to get some different effects with just those colours.  I had a play around, and this was the result:

I'm really quite pleased with the results.  The closest one is merino possum, which effects the way the colours take, and the other two are 100% wool, really love the way that they look though, so tempted to keep them and use them myself........


  1. The colours are great! Are you using acid dyes?

    1. Thanks, I was really pleased with how they came out. I use Ashford acid dyes usually (which these are) I've treated myself to some new ones though, which I'm "dying" (sorry) to give a go...