16 November 2012

Pattern making

I realised earlier that it's over a year since I last released a pattern, and that was a quick free crochet square, it's about time I launched something new.  I really need to get myself together and get some of the patterns that I've been working on written up.
I showed you last time the cardigan that I made for Anja before she was born, but that's not all that I've had on my needles over the last year.  There's also this wrap around sleepsuit;

It was a little big for her when this was taken, and you don't have to scar your children for life by using such bright colours.....It's a great little outfit for keeping them warm in winter, and as it's a seamless top down construction, there isn't lots of sewing up to do either.
More recently I made a little cardigan for a friends new baby, quite a simple design this time, but cute all the same, and again; top down and seamless:
So, there are things in the pipeline, I am working on them (vaguely) and at some point I will get them written up, tested and out there.  At least, I hope I will.....

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