02 November 2012

All change

Well, if you've ever been here before, you might notice that suddenly there's a different name.  You might also notice that it's over a year since I last posted.  So, what have I been up to? And what's happened to NZ wools?
Well, things have been quiet on that front for quite a while, and although I've been working on new patterns, and dying yarn, I haven't done a lot else.  So earlier this year I decided to close NZ Wools, and become involved in a new site; wonderwool.  Basically we now have a new store on there, along with a number of other New Zealand based wool crafters.  Pop along and check us out if you haven't already.
We're also to be found on the hive NZ, another really great site.
So why have I been quiet for so long?  Well, earlier this year we had another addition to our family, and welcomed our fourth child, (and second daughter).
Here she is, just two days old (back in June) modelling the cardigan and hat that I designed and made for her.  The yarn is one of mine too, possum merino, hand dyed in yellow as we didn't know what flavour she was going to be.
So, as you can imagine, life has been busy, but we've got the new site up and running, and I have at least three new patterns for you.  All I need now is time to write them down and get them tested...... Watch this space.

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