11 March 2010

Patterns ready to test

I'm so busy at the moment, it's just crazy. Not only have I nearly finished the shawl, but I've also nearly finished the coming home cardigan for little babe. Good job really as I've less than seven weeks to the due date!
I've also now got three more patterns ready to test, this time it's crochet patterns, and I've made three different styles:

The "Hamish" sandal

The "Imogen" Shoe

and The "Oliver" Shoe

If you would be interested in testing any of them let me know, they are all crochet, and are available either with US or British directions.

As well as all of this knitting and crochet activity, I've been adding to the range of products on the site. We've now got a far bigger selection of knitting accessories, including stitch counters, stitch holders and cable needles. We've also now got flexible Tunisian crochet hooks, if you want to try something a bit different.

1 comment:

  1. 7 weeks to go....ooh how exciting!! I'd love to offer to test the crochet patterns, but everytime I pick up my hooks since my son was born - he has other ideas!! LOL
    Shame as I used to make gorgeous felted/crochet hand bags.......(if I do say so myself! LOL) Maybe when he starts school I'll get a chance to pick it up again????