23 November 2012

Woolly Pants Pattern - free knitted soaker pattern

Free knitted soaker pattern

This is one of the first ever knitted soakers that I made, I tried a couple from other patterns and then thought that I could create something myself.  Woollen soakers are great for over cloth nappies, especially at night, as they are breathable and natural, so great for babies.  100% wool is best, and if you can, hand wash only.  Treat your soaker with a small amount of lanolin, around peas sized (pure lanolin nipple creams can work) dissolved in warm water and a little wool wash. Soak your knitted soaker over night, and then allow to dry.  You should only need to do this every few months, when it starts to smell, allow it to air between uses unless actually soiled.

Woolly pants

This is a flat knit soaker, very simple and easy to make.  You have the option of using either Worsted Weight (10ply) yarn, or DK (8ply) yarn, which will give a slightly smaller soaker.  There is also the option of adding a textured body to the soaker.  Directions are given for a small, or newborn size, and directions for medium (approx 6 months) and large (approx 1 year) follow in brackets.
You will need
Approx 50g of DK or 10ply yarn, I would recommend 100% wool.
1 pair 4mm knitting needles
1 pair 5mm knitting needles
1 wool needle for weaving in ends.
If you are planning on making a soaker with a textured pattern, then use the pattern bellow on all areas marked with an * in the main pattern.

Textured pattern for body of soaker
Row 1 k
Row 2 p1 k2 repeat to end
Row 3 k
Row 4 k1 p1 k2 repeat to end
Row 4 k
Row 6 k2 p1
(Use this pattern on all areas worked in stocking stitch, marked with a *, including the short rows.)


Using 4mm needles, cast on 56 (62) (68) stitches.

Row 1, (k1 p1) continue to end, this forms the 1x1 rib.
Continue in 1x1 rib for 6 more rows
Next row, k1(k2tog yo k1) repeat to last stitch k1.
Then do 7 more rows 1x1 rib.
Change to larger 5mm needles.
Row 1 (inc one stitch each end) k all stitches* 58 (64, 62) stitches.
Short rows:
Row 1,  p34 (38, 42) slip stitch, turn*
Row 2, Slip stitch k10 (12, 14) slip stitch, turn*
Row 3, Slip stitch p15 (17, 19) slip stitch, turn*
Row 4, Slip stitch k24 (26, 28) slip stitch, turn*
Slip stitch p to end.*
Main body;
Continue in stocking stitch for 12cm (15cm, 18cm) not including rib band.*
Shaping for leg holes:
Row 1, dec 2 stitches each end, 54 (60, 64)*
Row 2 Dec 3 stitches each end. 48 (54, 58)*
Repeat these two rows three more times.
For smaller size only dec 1 stitch each end.*
For medium and large sizes only dec 2 stitches each end twice.* 16 (18, 18)
Continue in stocking stitch for 10 (12, 14) more rows.*
Increase 1 stitch at each end of each row 3 (5, 7) times. 22 (28, 32).*
Increase 4 (4, 6) stitches at each end.* 30 (36, 44)
Continue in stocking stitch to match back, 12 (15, 18cm).*
Change to 4mm needles, and work 6 rows in 1x1 rib.
k1(k2tog yo k1) to last stitch k1
Work 7 more rows in 1x1 rib.  
Cast off.

Pick up 38 (42, 48) stitches around each leg hole,
Work 7 rows of 1x1 rib.
Cast off

Sew soaker together along front seams using mattress stitch.
Using double thickness of wool, and a 5mm crochet hook, chain a length long enough to use as a waist tie.  Alternatively plait a length of wool.  Thread this in the holes at the top of the soaker.
© COPYRIGHT Kelly Jo Sweeney 2011

This pattern is offered free of charge for your own personal use. Please do not make items using this pattern for sale. Should you wish to sell items made from this pattern, then please contact me for details of my Cottage Industry Licenses.
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