24 January 2014

Baby gifts

I mentioned in a recent post, that I had quite a few friends having babies soon.  I started just the other day on one of my all time favourite baby creations, the Hamish sandal. I've made this heaps of times now as a baby gift, and when it comes to quick baby gifts, it's my go to pattern.

Although it's called the Hamish sandal, after the little baby boy that I created the first one for over 4 years ago now, it's a great pattern because it works just as well for girls as for boys.  This time was for a little girl again, and following with tradition I went for a lovely pastel pink.  In fact it was the last of my elan organic merino yarn, but I can get at least two pairs out of one 50g ball, so we might manage another soon.

Hamish sandals, ideal baby gifts

crochet baby gifts

So, that's my first new baby project down.  I've also got a nearly finished little green cardigan for a baby who's flavour is as yet unknown, but with little green ladybird buttons I think it will suit a boy or girl.  Then it's onto a few more crochet baby shoes, and I also want to crochet a baby blanket for a special friends first baby.  I just need to decide on a pattern, my twinkle twinkle blanket or something else.......

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