08 October 2013

New patterns........ soonish

Well, it seems that months go by without me posting anything here, and for a long time now I've been promising new patterns.  Part of the problem is that I'm just not getting very much knitting done.  I can't hold her entirely responsible, but as I usually knit and crochet in the evening, and my littlest girl isn't sleeping particular well at the minute, I'm not getting a great deal done.  She is very cute though.

Of course that's really just an excuse, and to be honest I'd lost my knitting mojo for a while there.  Not sure why, but some times these things just go awol for a bit.  Any way, I've got a couple of new things on the needles; a cardi for me (which, being for me, may never happen) and a premie vest for Early Buds.  I want to check that it's what they're looking for, but if all works out ok, I'll be releasing it as a free pattern.  It's a very simple knit in the round job, but when they asked for singlets with buttons at the shoulder (due to all the wires and the like that are attached to the babies) I couldn't find quite the right pattern, and certainly not one that was knit in the round.  (Which not only means that there is no sewing up to be done - yay, but it also means no bulky seams to irritate little babies.)  I hope to be able to tell you more soon.....

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