22 January 2010

Lots of lovely new yarn.

My lovely new yarn has finally arrived, I love this wool and I'm going to have to be really careful that I don't end up using it myself, the temptation to do that is huge though.
The Forever Green Elan Organic merino is so soft, and the colours are fantastic, not just your usual baby pinks and blues. I think that little babe might be getting a few things made from it.

The other yarn is the 4ply merino soft baby wool, again it's beautifully soft. This yarn comes in some really quite vibrant shades though; hot pink, dark green, red, black and navy, as well as a softer minty blue option. I quite like the idea of dressing babies in slightly more exciting colours, so I think I'll be dipping into this little lot too.

To be honest, although both are "baby" yarns, I'd be seriously tempted to make myself something from them too, they're so lovely and soft!

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